Hand-made ice cream cakes by MN EIS and Becky Bakes!
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German Spaghettieis!
Authentic German specialty made by pushing vanilla ice cream through a spaetzel press (spaghetti noodles) and topping with home made strawberry purée (marinara sauce), grated white chocolate (parmesan cheese), and a waffle cone heart! Add "meatballs" made of our edible cookie dough!
Winter magic at MN EIS!
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Open for the 2024 Season Beginning March 1st!!!


Ice Cream

We offer a selection of 24 flavors, on rotation, of the Chocolate Shoppe’s 100+ super-premium ice cream flavors from Madison, Wisconsin.

Cookie Dough

Made fresh edible cookie dough available in a variety of flavors! Delicious on its own or add a scoop to your ice cream!!


Loads of nostalgia with our scoop bin candy! 

Enough to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Boba Tea

Taiwanese Sweet Drink in a variety of Milk or Fruit Tea Flavors! 

Served with the classic chewy tapioca pearls or Rainbow Popping Boba!


MN Eis

Specialty Ice Cream and Sweets Shoppe located in the beautiful downtown New Ulm! A fun and friendly environment with a German flare!

Ice Cream

Carrying only the best, creamiest, super-premium ice cream from Madison, Wisconsin. You want Nutrition…EAT CARROTS!

Fav Flavor

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