Growing up, we all remember our favorite spot to get ice cream with our family and friends. It was never just about the ice cream, but more so the experience and time for enjoyment with our favorite people. Whether it be riding our bikes, going for a walk or jumping in the car with all the windows rolled down on a hot summer day, going out for ice cream ALWAYS brought a feeling of happiness and excitement. 

As I strolled the the sidewalks of our beautiful downtown New Ulm, I often found myself wishing we had a cute little ice cream shop I could take my own kids to. I wanted to re-create some of those much loved memories with them. The years went on and I continued to do my thing working in Occupational Therapy, but this little spark never went away…

It was always a goal to have my own business in some capacity. With lots of changes on the horizon, in 2019 I decided to take the leap of faith and go for it! 

But, stop right there….said global pandemic. Ugh! Just my luck! This called for thinking outside the box and for me, that meant using an unfortunate situation to uplift those around me, and what better way to give a little pick me up than with ice cream! In June of 2020, MN EIS opened its doors.

And, well….the rest is pretty much history from there! With every season there is new learning, new relationships and new ice cream flavors! What remains the same, and my “why” for this business, is to provide a space that brings people together, creates lasting memories and of course, lots of smiles. 

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported MN EIS along the way! It takes a village and I appreciate each and every one of you, as well as our amazing customers!

~Lindsay Henn, Owner and forever ice cream snob

How it Started

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